Service Agreement:

Sealtek Aspahlt Sealing strives to provide the best possible products and highest customer satisfaction. However, there are some conditions and variables that we want to makre sure our clients understand. All service is bound by this agreement.

  • Bids are vaild for 60 days from proposal.
  • The owner is to edge back any grass from asphalt prior to work.
  • When park stops have been painted numerous times, the paint tends to chip away. New paint may also chip. We recommend either sand blasting or replacing these.
  • Exsisting cracks in the sealer will be sealed out but may still be visable.
  • Sealer can be expected to wear first in turn lanes, curves and high traffic areas where friction from tires is most severe.
  • Sealer may wear permamently in areas where standing water exsist. These areas should be repaired prior to sealcoat application.
  • In area where exsisting asphalt has a rough texture, such as old deteriorated serfaces, sealer will usually wear quickly. The smoother the serface the longer the sealcoat will last.
  • Some tire marks can be expected soon after sealcoating when a vehicle turns it's wheels in place. While most of these tire marks will disappear, residents should be advised to avoid these power steering marks by only turning while moving.
  • Sealtek is not responsible for power steering marks caused by vehicles. These marks do dissipate in time.
  • Thermoplasic is not included in price.
  • Sealer may wear quickly or discolor in in areas where there have been frequent chemical applications (ie. lawwn chemicals or other chemicals) or oil spills . These spills may be invisable and therefore impossible for Sealtek to detect. It is Sealtek's recommdation that the client be diligent in pre-identifying these areas to ensure maximum benifit of the sealer and to power wash these areas prior to treatment.
  • Payment in full is due upon completion.
If you have any question or concerns, please contact us.

Revised: 5/2016